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Jelly Belly Bean Machine - mini

Jelly Belly Bean Mini Machine + Jelly Belly Jelly Beans-10 in.

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Jelly Belly Bean Machine is a fun, sweet and nostalgic gift. Give a piece of Americana that will sit on the shelf and be utiliized over and over. Jelly Belly dispenser sits 10 inches tall, a beautiful miniature replica of the candy store countertop dispensers for gum ball and jawbreakers. Whether for a business acquaintance who appreciates nostalgia or for a younger audience who appreciates the greatest jelly beans of all time, this will be a hit. And what a great way to share and to teach about sharing. It makes a great thank you gift for a boss or maybe a thank you gift for an assistant.  

  • Jelly Belly Machine with cast iron bottom and glass globe. It stands ten inches tall with a 24 ounce capacity. 
  • Jelly beans (Jelly Belly), assorted 20 flavors - 3.2 oz