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Appreciation gift with Christian or angel theme

Gift for an Angel with Tea Time Snacks and Heavenly Gift Book

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Celebrate the Angels among us by sending them this cheerful gift basket full of delicious cookies, candies, drink mixes and a wonderful gift book!

This colorful creation features a beautiful painted basket filled with:

  • Gift book - Some People, Like Angels, Leave a Hint of Heaven Wherever They Go filled with quotes, sayings and lighthearted stories
  • Strawberry iced tea mix
  • Chai tea (assorted) 
  • Caramel chocolate and French vanilla flavored mocha mix, 
  • Gourmet coffee hard candy
  • Tropical fruit candies (assorted)
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Lemon cookie straws
  • White chocolate macadamia cookies
This fantastic gift basket is a great way to show someone your appreciation.