Gourmet Oreos Tin

Double Dipped Oreo Cookies Tin

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This delightful Gourmet Oreo Gift features our exclusive Gold Rimmed Acetate Round filled with delicious Valentine Belgian Chocolate Dipped Oreos®. Enrobed in delicious Belgian Chocolates- Dark Milk and/or White- they're decorated with assorted hand-crafted Icing Decorations and nestled inside each Round on a lovely lace doily.

Seasonal note: May through October, chocolate gifts will be sent overnight and wrapped with dry ice (included in price). There is still a risk that an ice wrap will not prevent melting if a package is left outside. Therefore, please be advised TheCareBasket.com will not be responsible for melted chocolate.


Satisfaction is guaranteed! This product can be returned for any reason within 3 business days of delivery as long as the gift hasn't been unwrapped. Our entire return policy can be found at Store Policies link at the top of this page.