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Love me, love my dog...what a great gift for any dog lover or new dog.

8 pc Pet Gift in Paw-Print Boxes with Toys, Treats and Grooming Tools

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For that pet lover in your life who epitomizes the expression, "Love me and love my dog." These adorable stackable boxes sit on top of each other and make great storage for Fido's toys. Each box is filled with new surprises. And the boxes make the perfect gift for the pet owner.

  • Adorable stacking boxes with paw prints
  • Doggie Shampoo
  • This Paw Print Plaster dog print kit
  • Doggie chew ball
  • Doggie Chew Toys (2)
  • Doggie washing mitt or brush
  • Paw print box filled with beef flavored dog bones
  • Patches the Playful puppy - 8 in.
Did you know that pets are healthy for us? People live longer, happier lives having pets. So if you've ever had any desire and are sitting on the fence, get to your local shelter or look for a resue service for the breed that is of interest to you. Be practical and smart. Do a little research and know what are the strengths and weaknesses of that particular breed. Obviously, a hyper hunting dog will not do well in a small New York City apartment, but there are subtler characteristics that might affect determining what breed is a good match. Hopefully, once you figure it out and find your new companion, you will be fortunate enough to have a friend buy you the Patches' Doggie Tower.