Store Policies

Return Policy

 You may return any gift for any reason. For a full refund, please contact us through the Contact Us page to receive instructions along with a return shipping label. Shipping damage to the gift will require a claim made to the shipping company, so please let us know if that is the reason for the return. All gifts must be returned to the point of origin which could be a few different locations, so please wait for instructions. Gifts should be returned in their original condition and unopened, if possible. 


Privacy Policy

Personal information will never be sold and only shared for the purposes of completing a transaction, and/or delivering your gift(s). Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on end users’ browser, or using web beacons or similar technologies to collect information in connection with the Google Customer Reviews program. This includes information about end users’ options for cookie management.Google may receive information about transactions conducted on in order to verify reviews.







This is a secure website protected by a dedicated certificate with Geotrust®. GeoTrust® SSL delivers 256-bit encryption and reputable third-party business identity authentication. Additionally, merchant services with Securenet and integrated with the BigCommerce shopping cart offer the best in advanced security technology.

Not All SSL's are the same and that's why an SSL provider must be chosen wisely. GeoTrust is an established, reliable and secure independent certificate authority. The premium certificate used for is 256-bit encryption. It should be issued from a globally-available root infrastructure using 2048-bit RSA keys or better. The SSL issuing authority (GeoTrust)  maintains industrial-strength data centers and disaster recovery sites optimized for data protection and availability. The SSL certificate authority must have its authentication practices audited annually by a trusted third-party auditor such as KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, or Ernst & Young. GeoTrust (this store provider) meets all of these requirements.

In addition, customer card information is not seen nor held onsite or on computers. We rely on the SecureNet protocols to verify the legitimacy of transactions. After which, we fill order requests, verify addresses and follow through with shipping.

The only private information  we have access to is shipping and contact information and email addresses. Keeping your personal information secure and private, as far as address is very important to us. As stated in the privacy policy, personal information will never be sold and only shared for the purposes of conducting a transaction or delivering a package. Please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page or call 866-720-0090 with any questions or concerns.


Shipping Policy


  • Orders do not usually ship on weekends or holidays.
  • Shipping is based on boxed weight, dimensions and destination.
  • Any expedited orders (not ground shipping) placed before 12 pm on a business day will ship same day.
  • We reserve the right to change shipping methods to comparable methods or upgraded stature.
  • Ground Shipping orders will be processed and generally shipped in 0 - 2 business days
  • Orders will be processed and generally arrive within 2 - 5 business days based on the shipping destination (longer to the West Coastal Region).
  • Any change requests after your order has been submitted are not guaranteed.
  • Orders with an address with a PO Box or military addresses will ship USPS and after they are in the military mail system are not tracked (more information below).
  • Undeliverable packages are subject to fees (more information below).
  • Address corrections are subject to fees (more information below).
  • Special considerations may be necessary for fruit and chocolate items (see below).


SHIPPING TO HOSPITALS and similar locations

Gifts sent to hospitals are delivered to the front desk or loading dock, not to the patient's room. Please be advised that there is a risk and isnot be responsible for missing baskets in hospitals.



All packages are shipped USPS and delivery times take an extra 1 - 2 days or more.

Pease note: Given the destinations, distances and extra delivery time, shipping chocolate and perishable items like fruits, meats and cheeses are not a good idea and are strongly discouraged. So please be advised that will accommodate your wishes if at all possible, however, we will not be responsible for perishable items not traveling well when sent to military locations overseas or in arid climates. will not be held responsible for anything other than shipping the wrong order.

In addition, the military has placed restrictions on shipping to FPO and APO destinations. They are as follows:

  • Orders may not exceed $70.00 (military regulations)
  • Box Size may not be larger than 18 x 16 x 12 inches (military regulations)

Also, please be aware that shipments to military posts are non-trackable. Therefore, can't be responsible once the package is non-trackable. 

There is no express service for USPS/military shipments.



Restrictions may apply to shipping fruit and It is strongly recommended that fruit be shipped Next Day or Second Day. To see a complete description of the rules on shipping fruit, go here.

Strawberries must be shipped Next Day. will not be responsible for freshness issues if strawberry gifts are not shipped Next Day. 



Chocolate must be shipped Next Day between May 15th and mid-October. will not be responsible for damaged / melted chocolate. 



The address correction fee for UPS Ground is can be as much as $35. I kid you not! UPS charges a fee to make the correction (like a penalty) and then they charge whatever the shipping charge is from where the package is located to the destination. Therefore, please be careful to give us the correct address. Also, check your email confirmation to verify...many customers notice errors at this point.


Substitutions Policy

Due to availability of certain seasonal items or discontinuation of packaging materials, we reserve the right to make substitutions when necessary. Packaging may not be identical to the products photography since designer packaging does change quite frequently. Any substitution made will be of comparable value, quality and aesthetic appeal based on the judgement of our experience staff and talented designers. With this in mind please be aware that a substitution or variance in flavor or packaging does not justify a discount, a refund or an item being returned at our expense.